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Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart A Break (20 plays)

Demi Lovato | Give Your Heart A Break

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

When Demi Lovato was brought up in the media, all I thought was ‘Great, another Disney singer/actress in the mix’. I didn’t really know any of her shows or her songs so it wasn’t until last year when I really began listening to her music. Now I’m not going to say it’s the best thing out there; alot of it tends to follow the trends of what’s popular at the time. This is probably my favourite off this album and although I’ll have trouble trying to convert the others, it’s still a pretty catchy song.

Guns N' Roses – Don't Cry (50 plays)

Guns N’ Roses | Don’t Cry

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

I was over Thao’s house a few years back when she started playing a cover of this song from her computer. A soft sultry bossa nova cover, I was immediately intrigued to who it was by. She told me she found it through a Michelle Phan makeup tutorial video. So what did I do once I got home?

Yep, Michelle Phan video binge.

Turns out the original was actually by Guns N’ Roses and upon listening to it, my mind was blown. It’s definitely one of my favourite powerballads of all time which, I know, is a big statement to make considering I have so many. Most people tend to gravitate towards November Rain but I feel this may actually be their best song.

The Jezabels – Mace Spray (0 plays)

The Jezabels | Mace Spray

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Macedon Ranges Theme Song

My friends would talk about all these upcoming indie/alternative bands and most of them would simply fly over my head. In some ways I’m pretty good at discovering things before they become big (I know, how hipster) but many times I’m really delayed. Raye and Tish had talked about The Jezabels for some time though I didn’t really try to listen to their tunes till later on.

I remember this was played at Age’s house for his birthday party when most of us, drunk, all layed on the floor trying to recover from all the alcohol we had just consumed. With the melancholic melody overtaking the room, I found myself feeling at peace in that moment. Well, for a few seconds anyway.

And that concludes my Human Nature tribute series. Hoped you enjoyed!
Human Nature | Got It Goin’ On
Human Nature | Tellin’ Everybody
Human Nature | Wishes
Human Nature | Don’t Say Goodbye
Human Nature | Whisper Your Name
Human Nature | People Get Ready
John Farnham feat. Human Nature | Everytime You Cry
Human Nature | Cruel
Human Nature | Last To Know
Human Nature | Don’t Cry
Human Nature | Be There With You
Human Nature | Don’t Come Back
Human Nature | He Don’t Love You
Human Nature | When We Were Young
Human Nature | When You Say You Love Me
Human Nature - Got It Goin’ On [Official]
Human Nature - Got It Goin’ On [Alternate]
Human Nature - Last To Know
Human Nature - He Don’t Love You
Human Nature – When You Say You Love Me [Album Version] (14 plays)

Human Nature | When You Say You Love Me

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

I like being surprised when it comes to music. There’s nothing better than finding some sort of tidbit that can alter your perception of a song, generally for the better of course. Sometimes it ranges from discovering the true themes of a song, who the song was orginally written for or the fact it’s a cover (that generally seems to be the case).

Once I found out Darren Hayes wrote this song, it all just clicked. The melody and lyrics just seemed to exude that Savage Garden feel and surprisingly it doesn’t ruin it. Hell, I feel like I’ve learnt to appreciate it even more because of it.

Human Nature – When We Were Young (0 plays)

Human Nature | When We Were Young

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

It’s pretty obvious that I’m the most nostalgic/sentimental one of the group. This very blog is in essence me trying to document all the adventures and activities I get up to with my close friends. I honestly don’t know how I seem to remember a lot of these events/details especially when it comes to specific songs being played at the time but I figure it makes the moments feel much more powerful since there’s a soundtrack to it.

Nevertheless someone once told me I may be trying too hard to keep the group together by organising all these events rather than letting it happen naturally. It’s a statement I don’t exactly agree with though. Understandably sometimes the role of organiser falls down on me, whether I want it to or not. But that all fades to the background when you realise these are the things that you’ll cherish in years to come. Who knows how long our group will stay together: we always joke about still having our drinkups/parties well into our later years to the point we’ll live on the same street and all our kids will hang out with one another.

I know, it’s all wishful thinking. The true reality is, sooner or later, we will drift off eventually. Still, I like to believe that if that is case we’ll all have a wealth of memories to reminisce and laugh about as the years go by. And funnily enough, this song seems to encapsulate it all.

Yep, Human Nature. They know what it is.

Human Nature - He Don’t Love You

Strangely enough you can’t find the original music video for this song on YouTube but instead this version with Holly Valance in it. Not that there’s much difference only now it’s intercut with shots of her getting dressed and ramping up the sex appeal. Turns out (with a bit of research) that Human Nature appeared on Neighbours during that time and this was a way to crossover since Holly happened to be one of the stars on it during that time.

Human Nature – He Don't Love You (2 plays)

Human Nature | He Don’t Love You

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

For a boyband pop song of the early 00’s, this one surprisingly has alot more emotion compared to other tunes out during that time. Personally, I still get shivers everytime I hear them scream ‘NOOOOOOOOO’ after the chorus. So much intensity and passion, it’s not often you hear it come through in a song like this.

Human Nature – Don't Come Back (0 plays)

Human Nature | Don’t Come Back

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

When we were driving home and this song came up, the first reaction was from Eddie who remarked how much this sounds like an N*SYNC song. You can tell this was during their early 00’s boyband phase which some may say was when they were following the trend set by N*SYNC and BSB. Personally whenever I hear this song it reminds me of a Britney Spears song ‘Don’t Go Knockin On My Door’.

Yeh, her second album is still a classic (in my eyes). Stevie B would be proud

Human Nature – Be There With You (9 plays)

Human Nature | Be There With You

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

My cousin Thao gave me a stash of her old music years back, filled with songs from our highschool years. For the most part the songs she would download on my computer everytime she came over were the songs I’d listen to hence it was kind of like a goldmine to have a collection of these songs over two cd’s. 

The songs were listed in alphabetical order so once it reached H the Human Nature songs started kicking in. She knew what was up because tracjs likeDon’t Say Goodbye was on it which surprised me. This track was on afterwards and I would have never believed it was Human Nature unless I was told so. Like the guys have said before, they’re so good they could literally pass off as a African American r’n’b group.

Human Nature – Don't Cry (6 plays)

Human Nature | Don’t Cry

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

I remember the first time hearing this song and thinking ‘What the hell?’. This sounded nothing like Human Nature and frankly, I didn’t like it. Now a decade later and as I begin to go through their back catalogue with rose tinted glasses, I find myself warming up to this track.

Now that I come to think of it, it’s the first 10 seconds that deceive me into thinking it’ll be another ballad only for them funky soul grooves to kick in. But now that I’ve seen their concert videos do I realise how much of an effect Michael Jackson has had on them and this track is a tribute to his Off the Wall era.

Human Nature - Last To Know

We had come back from our first camp feeling pumped after listening to this song on repeat on the way home. Immediately the first thing we (Raye, Law & myself) did was search up the music video on Youtube. 

And then we found this.

I was sorely disappointed to realise the version we had been listening to the whole time was actually a remix. This was the original version and I just couldn’t believe how much of a letdown it was to me. The others shared my disappointment and the other version has now become our anthem instead. However I would later discover this song is actually a cover with the original sung by Color Me Badd. How bizarre.

Color Me Badd - Last To Know

Nowadays I don’t mind this version when I feel like listening to something abit more chilled… though it’ll never replace the other version in my eyes.

Human Nature – Last To Know (30 plays)


Human Nature | Last To Know

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Camping Trip #1. Yarra Valley Theme song

John played Don’t Say Goodbye at Peter’s house party and eversince then me and Peter had been listening to Human Nature nonstop. I was apprehensive of Australian music back in my early years and would hate myself for liking any Human Nature songs (Everytime You Cry, He Don’t Love You, etc…) 

As we drove along Lady Talbot Forest Drive, this song came on and immediately we all started singing and dancing around in the car (even though all we knew was the chorus). We made a pact to learn the lyrics once we got home… hell we had this song on repeat on the drive home.

Best song ever.

Huy le

(Source: backseatballads)

Human Nature – Cruel (9 plays)

Human Nature | Cruel

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

Besides their standout hits that everyone knows, there’s so many songs that seem to slowly dissapear from our minds with the passing of time. It’s only through a click on youtube, a mention by a friend or simply hearing it on a greatest hits mix like this that you realise just how much more tracks that deserve abit more recognition.

This is one of them songs.

Human Nature – People Get Ready (9 plays)

Human Nature | People Get Ready

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: Human Nature Tribute

There’s plenty of versions of this song out there - most of the time I hear the Eva Cassidy version on Smooth FM. But for me, this is no doubt the best version. Just like Boyz II Men, Human Nature are just as amazing as an acapella group and this song demonstrates just how great their vocal harmonies are. Now I’m not a very religious person but if churches had an awesome choir with vocals like this, I’d consider going every week.

Key word: consider.