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Jabbawockeez - Michael Jackson’s PYT (America’s Best Dance Crew)

Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. [Pretty Young Thing] (99 plays)

Michael Jackson | P.Y.T. [Pretty Young Thing]

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

You gotta love websites like Who Sampled. There’s been so many times you listen to a song and wonder ‘wait a minute, I’ve heard this before’ only to discover later on that it was sampled from another song. Sometimes it can be something relatively recent or it can travel back to tunes from the 1930’s. 

Kanye West’s third album Graduation was one of my favourites in 2007 and his track ‘Good Life’ would definitely have been in my top 20 list of that year. It was only a year later during the ABCD (America’s Best Dance Crew) phase when Jabbawockeez did a dance routine to this MJ classic and I realised Yeezy actually sampled this tune.

It’s always puzzled me how this song can be so overlooked in his entire catalog when arguably it may be one of his best songs off that album. Then again, that album was pretty perfect to begin with.

Jesse McCartney – Back Together (51 plays)

Jesse McCartney | Back Together

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

It must have been around midway last year when I really started to listen to our boy; JMAC. Now besides Beautiful Soul, I never took notice of his other songs over the years and it was only during our Whatevs Wherevs sessions that Mike introduced me to tracks such as Just So You Know.

Now he’s coming out with a new album and I must admit - I’m kind of excited. We had this debate on whether this or Treasure was the better song and I still believe the latter is much more catchier. Still I remember discovering this song last year and immediately notifying Mike about it. And we knew right there and then:


Prince – When Doves Cry (97 plays)

Prince | When Doves Cry

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

And to go back to that night when I was cruising around with Raye in 2012, we had just discovered what seemed to be a godsend at the time: Smooth FM. Or should I say 'SMOOOOTH 91.5'.

At the time most of us got our fix from Love Song Dedications which, sad to say, doesn’t exist anymore. A part of me dies everytime I think about it. We had dropped Peter off home and decided to go cruising around Keilor, singing along to all these great tunes. We reached the main road and just as she was about to take the right turn towards my house, this immediately came on. We looked at each other and knew right there and then:

It isn’t over, this adventure must continue! 

Half an hour later I finally got home.


Other songs from that night:

Merril Bainbridge | Mouth

1927 | If I Could

M2M – Mirror Mirror (49 plays)

M2M | Mirror Mirror

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

One thing alot of people like to tell me is they love the music I have on during my house parties or in my car. A common one is 'OMG I haven't heard this song in years' which brings me great joy to see people try to figure out where they’ve heard this from before it finally kicks in.

With that said I’m always open to find new(old) music through others and it was Myka who reintroduced me to this classic. Driving home from Gelato Messina one night and she connected her phone through the auxilary of my car. “I know this song,” I told her in my sllightly tipsy state ‘Where have I heard this before?’.

And then it finally clicked. 

Tina Arena – Chains (19 plays)

Tina Arena | Chains

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

I never really listened to much Tina arena during my childhood days hence when John or Law would sing songs such as Sorrento Moon, I would be clueless and pretend I knew the lyrics. Which fortunately enough they would play on Smooth FM later on.

Initially I stumbled upon this song when I was actually trying to find the song ‘Chains’ by Aretha Franklin which was featured in one of my all time favourite films School Of Rock. It became obvious that this was not the same song so I never really did bother listening to it till later on. The guys must have been singing it (most likely JC) hence my decision to revisit this classic tune.

Hence there I was, downloading her album just for this one track. It was only then did I realise just how talented she is.

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is (29 plays)

Foreigner | I Want To Know What Love Is

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

During my film school days (aka uni) we had to do oral presentations in front of the whole class about a film we’d been watching during that semester. I chose to write about Fucking Amal (aka Show Me Love) and for some reason blasted the directors choice to use this song during a pivotal kiss between the two main characters. This shocked my lecturer who felt that it actually works where I felt it was too obvious and kind of cheesy.

I know, what was I thinking. If I ever made movies I’d be putting in the cheesiest love ballads all day everyday.

The Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake – Where is the Love (59 plays)

The Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake | Where is the Love

Raye’s Outdoors mix

One of the most annoying things back in the day of downloading songs on programs such as KaZaa or Limewire is the millions of versions available for you to choose. It became a game of Russian Roulette in many ways as you have to pick the one that you think would be not only the right version but wouldn’t be filled with static or sound like it’s recorded off those el cheapo $10 computer microphones.

Fortunately I was blessed with cable internet in year 9 which gave me the freedom (of sorts) to download multiple versions in hope of getting a good quality version. And obviously it would have to during off peak from 2am onwards. Even though you had to be careful not to go over your download limit - you’d be surprised how much 20gb could last you ten years ago.

How this all correlates to this song is simple: when this song came out I was struck at the fact it was by BEP who I wasn’t a fan of because of that track with Macy Gray on it. This song changed my perception of the group and I found myself liking their later songs. Until that bloody Boom song and now I just hate them all over again.

It was a Sunday afternoon as JC was over my place hoping I could make copies of FF7 for him. We began talking about the song and I explained to him how I’ve been having bad luck trying to find a decent version of this song that wasn’t screwed up.

He simply laughed.

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (69 plays)

Imogen Heap | Hide And Seek

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

Back in year 10 (2004) it seemed like everyone was hooked on The OC. Mind you I was too busy watching anime such as Cowboy Bebop & Fullmetal Alchemist hence I just thought it was just another phase everyone was going through. It would all accumulate to that pivotal moment in the show when (spoiler alert) Marissa shoots someone. Now I had no idea what was going on but the frenzy the next morning was bloody ridiculous.

Dex loved the show and he would rave on about how much this song complimented that particular scene. It wouldn’t be until years later when I discovered Jason Derulo, I mean, JASON DEERRRUUUULLLLOOOOOOOOO sampled this in his song. No shame, I use to listen to that song quite abit only because of this sample.

John Farnham – Break The Ice (19 plays)

John Farnham | Break The Ice

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

It was a Tuesday morning in July last year and we (me mike and Thai) were heading down to Prahan to visit Magnation. Anyone who knows me will understand just how much I’ve invested into my magazine collection, which I honestly don’t even want to think about.

As we’re driving down High Street trying to find parking, Mike took his phone out, and proceeded to play this song to us. Now besides the usual hits from our boy Johnny, I’ve never even heard of this track before but man we were laughing so hard and it’s sheer awesomeness. If I ever start going gym legitimately you can guarantee I’d make the most awesome 80’s workout compilation with this song securing a spot.

We shopped, ate burgers and decided to do an overnight trip down the Great Ocean Road. And the Ninja Thermals was conceived that night.


You can read about Mike’s writeups about this trip here.

Sinead O'Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U (69 plays)

Sinead O’Connor | Nothing Compares 2 U

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

Much has been said about Miley Cyrus and her ‘homage’ to this music video in her song ‘Wrecking Ball’. Personally there’s something much more striking about the original music video for this song: the stark black background with Sinead looking translucent with her shaved head and the cold soft tones. It’s funny because my mum would go on about how Sinead and Demi Moore are the only two ladies who managed to pull off the shaved head look.

And imagine my surprise when I later found out this is actually a Prince song! Though like many covers, this version has totally eclipsed the original and would she’ll be forever known for it.

Bachelor Girl – Buses and Trains (29 plays)

Bachelor Girl | Buses And Trains

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

For awhile they would continuously play this on Smooth FM which made me stop listening to this song for some time. But I can remember stumbling upon this and remembering how much I use to love this song back in grade 4. I wonder whatever happened to them… 

Blue – All Rise (19 plays)

Blue | All Rise

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

The year 2001 will always be one of significance to me. Most of us started high school that year: there we were dressed in our slightly oversized school uniform, slinging our Carribee bags and trying to act cool around our peers. For me, one thing that made that year so special for 7 Campaspe was the music.

It was a Monday morning and I remember us all buzzing about this new song that had just come out. Victor raved on about how gangster this song was and we would continuously get up from our chairs and sing this song much to the chagrin of our teachers. Funnily enough it’s become one of those go-to karaoke songs where all the guys will rise up and sing along.

Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes (29 plays)

Delta Goodrem | Innocent Eyes

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

Delta Goodrem came out of nowhere during our highschool years and was now this upcoming Australian singer that everyone was raving about. I don’t watch Neighbours so I had no clue she was on it. The only way I found out was either through Video Hits or hearing about it through age (one of his many celebrity crushes).

I didn’t really care much for ‘Born To Try’ and it was only ‘Lost Without You' that really got my attention. This song and Silverchair’s ‘After All These Years would have been on repeat for quite sometime back in year 9 (2003) - looking back now I think the prevailing themes of nostalgia and memories definitely played a key part.

Sisqo – Incomplete (49 plays)

Sisqo | Incomplete

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

For a long time I had no idea that Peter based his hotmail account off this song. Hell, I don’t think I even knew this song existed till a few years ago whilst we were cruising around one night in his car. Honestly all I associated Sisqo was the thong thong thong thong thong so it took me by surprised to hear him sing a heartfelt slow jam like this.